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Contargo makes the source code of IRIS freely available

On 1 May, the Contargo Group will be making IRIS – its routing calculation system for trucks as pre-carriage and on-carriage in intermodal transport in Europe – available free of charge for free use and development, on the web-based hosting service GitHub. In this way, many people’s input of knowledge and experience can flow into the software, and the program can be continuously adapted to changing background conditions.
IRIS stands for Intermodal Routing Information System, and was initially an element of Contargo’s Tariff Calculation System IMTIS, where IRIS acted as a central broker between IMTIS and Contargo’s own in-house development of OpenStreetMap material, specially designed for use in intermodal transport. IRIS has now been separated from IMTIS.  The IRIS program provides users with core information about routes – which routes to take – but other data can also be calculated, such as total kilometres, road toll kilometres, and journey times to plan in. Up to now the program covers Germany and all its neighbouring countries. IRIS takes account of information from the map data such as e.g. maximum permitted weights and toll obligations. When calculating the CO2 emissions of an intermodal transport, the transports by rail and barge as well as the handling and transfer of the container are included.

From 1 May 2015 this software will no longer only be available to registered users via Contargo. IRIS can then be downloaded under AGPLv3 Open Source License at GitHub, and can be further developed by users for their own needs.


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Re: Contargo makes the source code of IRIS freely available

I see lots of enterprise Java code but not the routing calculation itself ... so this is just a not so light wrapper around their proprietary web services, right? route planning for your software


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