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Please Vote at the General Meeting this Weekend

Dear OSMF members

You have likely already seen the announcement for the [upcoming general meeting]( … t-0001.pdf) on the 7th of December. I would ask you to make the small effort and either participate directly in the meeting on Sunday or, better, vote via [proxy]( … 00015.html) now.

As I pointed out in the original proposal for this general meeting, actually achieving the 75% votes to carry the special resolutions is a very high hurdle and unlikely to be achieved without support by the board. But even if we do not pass the 75% mark, a high as possible support for the term limits will send a clear signal to the board that we want the issues to be addressed.

It has been suggested that the main problem with the proposed term limits is that they actually affect some of the board members ability to continue to stand for re-election. Without us sending that clear signal to the board, it is very likely that the board will implement placebo limits that only serve to pacify their electorate and have no real effect.

Please make the small effort to participate in this vote and make your voice heard!



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