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board meeting minutes published 2014-11-20 draft

Richard Weait wrote:

The (draft) minutes have been published for the board meeting of
Thursday 20 November 2014.

Quick summary*:

Circular resolutions:
Board to announce General Meeting as requested by members on 22 Nov
2014 (since completed)

Board positions:
Secretary: Paul Norman
Treasurer: Frederik Ramm
Chairperson: Kate Chapman
Membership Secretary: Henk Hoff to continue until devolved to a TBD
working group.

Discussion of General Meeting details, since resolved and published
under separate cover.

Board will not issue a Board Position on the matters of the General
Meeting. Board members may make their personal statements publicly.
This "should not be viewed as an internal board conflict" but as an
acknowledgement of a complex topic.

Several matters were postponed until future meetings, including: Face
2 Face meeting planning, Management Team and OSMF operations
structure, and discussion of Chairman Emeritus role,

Any other business:

Paul Noramn has received documents re: Local Chapters from Simon.
Henk Hoff mentioned a discussion of geocoding between a commercial
interest and Simon Poole, Henk Hoff and Michael Collinson. Henk Hoff
announced he will not select SotM 2015 venue or make SotM 2015
announcements until after General Meeting due to workload. Discussion
of decoupling board and working group duties.

Meeting ends after 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Next meeting is likely to be week of 08-12 December following the
General Meeting
[end summary]

Best regards and happy mapping,

* summary is an edit created by this author based on the minutes. Read
the source. :-) … 2014-11-20

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