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#1 2009-03-04 13:23:31

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OSM interactive viewer like Kosmos

I have student project to create VS C++/C# interactive(supports getting info about features on click or something) OSM viewer. It is meant to work with downloaded .OSM files, like city maps. I have read all i could find about Kosmos(there is almost nothing), mapnik, osmarender etc. but I'm still unsure where to start. I'm also new to creating any parsing XML and 2D drawing application so i would appreciate any help and suggestions.

BTW this should be my master degree work and it is not meant to be easy.


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Re: OSM interactive viewer like Kosmos

Perhaps not totally what you are searching for, but QGis has a couple of experimental osm plugins, one that reads .osm file and another that can also write.


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