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Re: street names in Israel have several fundamental problems

A literal translation would be "highway 6" which is already included in the ref, and adds little to no value for an English reader.
"Kvish Shesh" would be useful for knowing the local name.
It follows the recommendation to keep names like "Giv'at Ye'arim" rather than "Ye'arim Hill" or "Forests Hill".


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Re: street names in Israel have several fundamental problems

Guys, just edited "Begin Avenue" in Herzliya and saw 4! name:he tags with actually same meaning.
name:he1=מנחם בגין
name:he3=שדרות בגין
name:he=שדרות מנחם בגין

IMHO, 1,2,3 are very unnecessary as they already included in name:he
Every normal search engine will be able to find this street even with partial match like "בגין"
I'd vote to drop this redundancy.


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Re: street names in Israel have several fundamental problems

Hello yrtimiD,

it is probably me, taking care of this redundancy. Even if I know that uptodate search engines should be able to find all definitions, there are apps and solutions out there that doesn't have this kind of search engine.
In time of searching for undefined translations I'm adding those kind of translation to all streets.

One of the main reasons to do this, is not to fight with everybody if the streets sign is saying בגין or מנחם בגין
My adding should make everybody happy, and doesn't harm anybody, non does more work for me.
They are just increasing the OSM DB a little bit.

Beside that I'm currently finishing another round of adjustment and streetname fixings.
From around 38.000 ways and names I had to adjust or add translation to around 5.000 ways.


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