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Custom Location Provider in Android cannot be installed

[I report this just to avoid someone else will run into this same dead-end.]

I just checked if it is possible to develop a custom-made location provider for Android (for example, a wi-fi-fingerprint-based one, implememented as a system service that can be used by any application).

It isn't.

While it is certainly possible to subclass LocationProvider and develop a custom-made location provider, the resulting class cannot be installed on the device because of security constrains.

In particular, the resulting new class would need android.permission.INSTALL_LOCATION_PROVIDER permission. This permission is reserved to OEMs. Third-party developer cannot grant it to their applications.

Of course, third-party firmware developer, like, could insert such a new provider class into their firmware package, sign it with their key and install it on the user's devices.

For details, see: … vCcdvO6jZY

and: … onprovider … ng-refused


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