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#126 2011-09-01 05:21:52

Registered: 2009-01-25
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Re: OSM -> Polish format converter

Glad it worked.


#127 2012-03-27 21:07:42

Registered: 2010-03-03
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Re: OSM -> Polish format converter

Can I ask for explanation what %name parameters can be used
in yml files.
- condition:
    - building = *
    - action: write_polygon
      type: 0x13
      Label: %house

I found %house, %label and guessed %street

Second question is how to use values from other xml tags. (addr:city for example)




#128 2013-04-04 21:21:10

Registered: 2013-03-14
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Re: OSM -> Polish format converter

Hello Liosha,
  I finally succeeded converting a .osm extract to .mp; I opened the file with MapEdit and then exported it to Navitel .nm2 format; I was happy with the process, but when I tried to open the file in Navitel, I see no map and after restarting Navitel, the message "Generating Maps" stays there forever. Is there something I am doing wrong? I am seeing all the data correctly displayed in MapEdit (ver; even the addresses and building numbers. So, it looks like the process of converting the .osm data into .mp is done correctly. Any ideas on this? I'll greately appreciate any help on this.
Thanks for your work!

What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so.
Mark Twain


#129 2013-08-08 16:52:35

Fidelis Assis
From: Niterói-RJ, Brazil
Registered: 2013-08-08
Posts: 36

Re: OSM -> Polish format converter

Hi Liosha,

Thank you for your great! It's helping me a lot with maps for 7ways. I need your help with a problem I'm having here (Brazil). It seems that some long roads are not being split by, despite using max_road_nodes=N, and I added the condition in bold as an workaround. It seems to fix my problem and I can now convert the resulting mp to 7w, but I'm not sure if t's OK. Would please comment on that? Also, I didn't understand what the first condition below does, I'd much appreciate if you could explain that.

                elsif ( $rnod == 1 + $values->{max_road_nodes} // 999 ) {
                    $countlong ++;
                    $break = $prev;
                    push @breaks, $break;
                    $rnod = 2;

                elsif ( ($i % 2000 ) == 0 ) {
                    $countlong ++;
                    $break = $i;
                    push @breaks, $break;
                    $rnod = 2;

Thanks in advance,
-- Fidelis Assis


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