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#1 2012-11-03 12:35:04

Operation Cowboy - 23. -25.11.

Hi everybody,

I'd like to announce the fellow of the "night of the living maps" party: "Operation cowboy" :
Guess what, this time it's about mapping the US smile

The date is the weekend from 23.11 till Sunday, so everybody should have a chance to get a day, where he can join a local party.
To make it more easy to get a room, I give you this announcement already today, even if there are still some todos (detailed mission statement, party map, logo, ...).
So please still wait with an official announcement to the public, I bet we can fix this things next week.

So if you like to start a local party , create a wiki page (or reuse the local user group page or your city page) and paste/adapt this: … ion_cowboy
Cool mappers can add this button to the user page, too wink

But hey, I would need still some help , to get all the things ready:

1. Sponsoring
I already tried to contact OSMF but without an answer. Can anybody please ask them again, if they would donate a few bugs per local party, to attract organisers? Or what about the GIS-Companies around OSM, would they cater a party in their HQs?

2. Social media
Is there anybody who likes to start further social channels as facebook etc? It's pretty simple, just to spread the things we post at Twitter and of course answer questions and present the project (create events ...).

3. Wiki translation
Would be great if the wiki could be translated in other languages as well. (maybe you can recycle old NOTLM translations). Oh and fixing my low level english would be really nice wink

Creating a "thank you all" poster with all teams or actually a video clip with animated edits and country music would be a great finale.

If you have any questions/ideas, just post it. I think all general critics on armchair mapping or our choice of the target area would be better in a seperated topic, as the past showed, that they generate a lot of traffic.

So I wish you good luck for finding an appreachated location and I'm happy looking towards our 2nd global mapping action smile

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#2 2012-11-23 16:18:27

Re: Operation Cowboy - 23. -25.11.

If anybody likes to follow the changes:

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#3 2012-11-24 16:15:49

Re: Operation Cowboy - 23. -25.11.

Till now 101 mappers contributed:

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