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#1 2012-11-01 14:36:06

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The address-part of the style-file looks like:

mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level8=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level8}' } 
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level7=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level7}' } 
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level6=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level6}' } 
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level9=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level9}' } 
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level10=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level10}' } 

Could it be possible to change mkgmap, that you have two (or more) mkgmap:city for one street? So you could find a street if you search for the admin8-name OR admin9-name.



#2 2012-11-01 16:08:04

Re: adress-index

No - there is no straight forward solution for that. There can be only one city for one street object. This is a limitation of the Garmin map format (as far as we know...).

Maybe it would be possible to create two street objects with different city names for the same OSM street. @Style gurus: Any proposals how to achieve that?



#3 2012-11-01 17:41:55

Re: adress-index

You can make two ways:

highway=unclassified  & name=*  & mkgmap:admin_level8=*{ set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level8}' } [0x06 road_class=0 road_speed=3 resolution 21 continue]
highway=unclassified  & name=* & mkgmap:admin_level9=*  { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level9}' } [0x06 road_class=0 road_speed=3 resolution 24]

Problem: Only ways which are routable are indexed, they both have to be routable.  I'm not sure what consequences are to have two routable lines on top of each other.


#4 2012-11-01 22:20:25

Re: adress-index

Cgpsmapper supports multiple cities for a road, so it is not a map format limitation.



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