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#1 2012-05-27 07:57:45

CANVEC data - logging roads missing?

I'm building some custom Orux maps for my dualsport motorcycle handlebar mounted Android table.  Everything is going great and I'm loving the maps.  I did notice, however (there's always an 'however'... this is a forum post after all wink ), that a lot of back roads in my area are missing.  No big deal, I know CANVEC has the data, and we're allowed to use the data... but the CANVEC OSM files downloadable from here: don't have the backroad data.

I just downloaded a section... all the creeks are there, all the public roads are there, but there's no logging roads.  sad

I know the data exists because I used to work in Garmin format via the Ibycus dataset (A guy rendered the CANVEC data to Garmin IMG format).  The logging roads are there in that dataset.  They are also there as roads in Google Earth.  They aren't in the CANVEC OSM datasets.  Any idea why?



#2 2012-05-28 10:36:58

Re: CANVEC data - logging roads missing?

Well... just adding a little data to the above... no pun intended:

I downloaded the latest Ibycus dataset (v4) and it does NOT have the logging roads in it, except for a separate overlay img with very course data.  Not very useful, actually.  I'm still digging around looking for a pristine copy of my original Ibycus dataset (circa 2007) as I've massively edited all the areas I like to play in.  No luck yet, but I'm a data pack-rat so it must be there somewhere.  I did check a random area outside of my edited set and, yes, it included the private logging roads in a decent resolution.

Thus, at some point, the CANVEC data was cleared of these ways.

The question now becomes: is the old data part of what OSM can legally use?  I mean, I'm already ripping the data to OSM files for my personal use, pretty easy actually, but I'm not going to upload anything I can't verify as legal.

Any idea about who or where I can ask for clarification on this?



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