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#1 2011-11-03 20:21:53

The first one from Algeria?!

I am from algeria. I was using OSM in my garmin nuvo for about 2 years.
Thank you for the good job that you share smile


#2 2011-12-17 00:16:27

Re: The first one from Algeria?!

Hi OpenDZ,
I hope You are not alone in Algeria!
Best wishes!


#3 2012-01-01 11:32:06

Re: The first one from Algeria?!

Happy New Year 2012
I thank all participants of this project Global map of Algeria that I downloaded into my garmin except that the east-west highway is not routable even though she is visual
thank you


#4 2012-03-09 17:09:22

Re: The first one from Algeria?!

Hello, Azul, Bonjour, Salam,

@marek kleciak, I'm an algerian OSM contributor too smile
I tracked some places in the department of "Bejaïa". Actually I've made a lot of GPS tracks with my HTC Desire HD using : OSMTracker for Android and Big Planet Tracks

Presently, I'm working on the tracks and POIs offline using Merkartoor (under Ubuntu). When finishing filtering all the data, I'll upload them.

French : Je cherche à coordonner les efforts avec les gens de ma région, à savoir les deux rives de la Soummam (Sidi-Aich, Chemini, Seddouk, Leflay, Tibane ...). Bref, j'essaierai dans un autre temps de créer des pages sur le Wiki Project Algeria et plus précisément des pages Wiki qui vont venir se greffer à la page Béjaïa. Il s'agira de cartes des villages et des quartiers. Je ne sais pas si vous avez un autre avis smile Toute proposition est la bienvenue.

En tous cas, happy mapping et vive OSM smile
Salutations amicales

My blog :
Algeria OSM Project :

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#5 2012-04-22 11:33:27

Re: The first one from Algeria?!

Hi OpenDZ, welcome to openstreetmap alegerian community, it's a first step for mapping algeria. Navigable map of Algeria issued fron OSM data for Garmin GPS can be downloaded here:
You Choose a predefined country (Algeria) and enter your email then you receive the data there.


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