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#1 2012-02-27 16:19:16

mkgmap:carpool=1 is not working with Basecamp 3.3.1?

whenever i set mkgmap:carpool=1 on a way, Basecamp doesnt route above it anymore, also when Avoid Carpool Lanes is not set. (tested with Automotive & Bicycling) (of course access=yes/motorcar=yes/(bicycle=yes) is set on the way and it routes above them, when mkgmap:carpool is not set)

it only works with the "Walking" profile
anyone got the same problem or a solution so far?


#2 2012-02-27 17:44:00

Re: mkgmap:carpool=1 is not working with Basecamp 3.3.1?

I have noticed that carpoollanes avoidance blocks all roads with access=no or motorcar=no tags in the car and bicycle profiles hmm
So in the default mkgmap settings this means that cycleways are avoided even in the bicycle profile (default tags are access=no & bicycle=yes). A solution is to use other profiles where carpoollanes avoidance can be switched off or where carpoollanes are ignored (dirt bikes?).

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