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#1 2011-09-16 22:28:24

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Routable OSM map of continental USA for Garmin?

Yes, I have a Garmin, and a large SD card.  I'm trying to find a source for routable OSM maps that will install into Garmin's Basecamp or Mapsource software (and then ultimately onto the Garmin device).   I do know about the URLs below, but each has its issues.   Can anyone please help me find (or build) what I'm looking for?   I played with using the daveh file, plus MapSetToolkit and cGPSmapper, but it appears I need a ".tdm" file and some other stuff before I can get it all into Basecamp.


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#2 2012-06-01 17:43:33

Re: Routable OSM map of continental USA for Garmin?

It's a long time since you asked this question.

Did you try
Here you can either select "ready-to-use" maps for Garmin.
Or you have the opportunity to generate a map which is composed individualy.

For the US the states are ready-to-use.
Should you need more or  all states together on the map you can generate it.

Normally the map is ready within a short period of time. But it's depending on the load on the server.


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